Getting Started with RecordService Beta

You can try RecordService beta in multiple ways. First, download the server via the virtual machine (VM) or by downloading the RecordServiceClient parcel or package.

RecordService beta must be installed only on a test cluster, because it is beta software.

Using the Beta VM

The RecordService beta VM provides a single-node Hadoop cluster, including Impala, MapReduce/YARN, Spark, Sentry, and RecordService. Using the VM is the easiest way to see RecordService in action, and it does not require that you use an existing Hadoop cluster.

See Using the RecordService VM

Using Your Own Cluster

You can install and run RecordService on your own cluster built on CDH 5.4 or later.

See Download and Install RecordService on Your CDH Cluster.

Configuring RecordService

While you should not need to change default settings, there are several properties you can modify to customize your RecordService instance.

See Configuring RecordService.

Running Examples

To integrate the RecordService into your existing MapReduce and Spark jobs, use the RecordService Client libraries. The client repository contains many example applications you can run right away.

See RecordService Examples.